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Pete Stockwell

Pete Stockwell’s experience in construction, restoration & emergency mitigation had taken him across the country in many different states such as Florida, North Carolina, North Dakota, Utah and has brought his 24 years of expertise to help serve the people of Colorado. His extensive knowledge of the specialized insurance industry has come from not only his experience on the construction solutions side of claims/loss management, but he has also held positions in claims adjusting, risk management and technical training for estimating loss damage and valuations. Earth Saving Solutions is proud to have Pete Stockwell leading our amazing team in creating solutions for the extensive Colorado market we serve. Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Multifamily, Governmental, Medical or Hospitality. No matter the problem, Pete will help create the solution for you and bring peace of mind in whatever project/emergency service you may need. Quality, reliability, ingenuity and excellent client relations are at the forefront of what drives Pete to excellence in this ever changing market.

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