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Homeowners Ready to Rebuild Post Marshall Fire

Homeowners Ready to Rebuild Post Marshall Fire

  1. Title: “Homeowners Ready to Rebuild Post Marshall Fire”
  2. Publication Date: Jan 10, 2022 / 10:34 PM MST
  3. Author: Courtney Fromm
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  6. Summary: The article discusses homeowners in Boulder County, affected by the Marshall Fire, engaging with local builders to clean debris and plan rebuilds. AJ Chamberlin, a victim, and Chris Hock, a builder, are coordinating on reconstruction efforts. Key issues include matching old blueprints for quicker permit approval, and using fire-resistant materials for safety in future. Chamberlin envisions a significantly transformed neighborhood post-rebuild​.

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  1. Source: FOX31 Denver
  2. Tags: Marshall Fire, Rebuilding, Boulder County
  3. Categories: Local News, Disasters


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