Denver Company Steps Up for Grandmother Scammed by Kitchen Contractor

Denver Company Steps Up for Grandmother Scammed by Kitchen Contractor

  1. Title: “Denver company steps up for grandmother scammed by kitchen contractor”
  2. Publication Date: Jun 24, 2019 / 07:44 PM MST
  3. Author: Jason Gruenauer
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  6. Summary: A grandmother, scammed by a kitchen contractor named Designer’s Choice, to whom she paid a $16,000 deposit for a $32,000 kitchen remodel, found help from local Denver companies after her story aired on Denver7. The initial contractor shut down without refunding her money. Chris Hock, owner of Colorado Homes and Design, along with other companies, stepped in to assist by donating labor and materials. Hock’s company provided a new countertop to complete her kitchen remodel, bringing joy and relief to the grandmother who now looks forward to baking cookies in her finished kitchen.

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  1. Source: Denver7
  2. Tags: Scam, Kitchen Counter, Denver Company
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